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a very slight chance in washington we will see anything significant. now i don't think it will any damage to the cherry blossoms, but maryland you might see couple of inches of snow. it is cherry blossom time does not feel like it. a look at what you need to know if you are heading into d.c. this weekend. a tragic accident that will an effect on parents .verywhere a mother was dropping her children off when her car road, knockinge and killing the baby she cradled in her arms. brad bell is live in laurel with more. you can see how these houses out.aid gently sloping driveway. the car did not get up much speed but as you said the result was absolutely awful. it was just after 9:00 when pam
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heard the woman screaming. out and saw the frantic and toddler on the ground. noticed she was holding a little baby in her arms. >> the infant was very clearly mortally wounded. >> i tried my best to give the cpr. >> the mother had just pulled driveway intending to her kids off with her grandmother. a car was turned off but not in park. >> the little boy was screaming know the car was moving. guess she tried to stop the car and in the midst of that the car ran over her and the baby. >> neighbors were horrified to the child was pronounced dead later at a hospital. >> look at this.
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it is very upsetting. >> to have something like that just jarring. >> she was hysterical. we were trying to save the baby. it is really bad. i don't see how she will make it. >> just a little while ago police released the name of the was killed.who sarah.e was her mother has not been identified. the mother is expected to make a recovery as is the 3-year- old boy. a car ran over them but the mother and cobbler will pull through. changes from the aviation administration the trafficlook at p atroller who fell aslee airport's onal control tower. julie parker is live at the
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airport with the video and changes the faa is making. dan said he fell asleep on consecutive overnight shift. ordered up four regional to hand over control local airports. the regional controllers had to the towereople in are help bridge -- ready to help land deplane. we caught up with dan as he was home this afternoon. the supervisor with 20 years' suspended after his overnight on shift wednesday. air-traffic controllers say they backup in case of an emergency. >> i don't see how this could happen. left, to view planes landed. mandate say their need to be at two air-traffic
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controllers. effective immediately, the reviewing overnight staffing at 30 airports around the world. the regional facility in contact localt make sure ars to controller is available. faa ordered a nationwide review. dan played a major role on 9/11 danger of catastrophic involving airplanes. one colleague describes him as reliable and one of the best supervisors. on monday, 24 hours before the incident the ntsb recommended prohibiting air-traffic g asrollers from actin while controlling planes. that is what happened here early wednesday morning.
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that was a recommendation from ntsb and not an order. washington is not the only city where air traffic are flying solo. at 29 airports, just one on duty at some times. some also served large cities rules, bige new will be coming to those airports also. a prince george's county facesdalman in new corruption charges tonight. prosecutors charged leslie johnson with conspiracy to commit evidence tampering. claimed she destroyed a developer after fbi her house.ed up at husband was indicted on extortion and bribery charges. a rise in crime around metro prompting and rigid
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g a security upgrade. be installed.ll cameras are some stations buttro surveillance on the outside. we will see 153 new surveillance s at the entrances of all but crustaceans. a flush of crime at metro in the last few months on the cell phone riders.of on march 9, in man was stabbed outside the gallery place metro station. earlier a group of teenagers attacked a man trying call 911. this video of teenagers fighting on the orange line showed up last month. >> i think the age group was 14-17. was beaten byman teenagers at one
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station. told us safety should be priority. >> for the amount we are paying ride, security should be paramount. >> metro says many of the cameras have been there since 1976. images are too poor to hold up in court. new cameras will be high resolution. >> they will know who the are and i would feel safe. >> but for some, it is not enough. >> a lot of this stuff is happening on the trains and platforms. something is better than nothing but they need to go beyond that. >> metro may be adding a of enforcement of existing is already spread too thin. we are falling breaking news
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leak in gaithersburg. newschopper 7 is near the area. is where a construction hit a natural gas pipe. crews have evacuated a nearby building. looking for a serial bank robber in virginia. this shows the same man running branches in arlington and alexandria. he robbed a bank on december 14. then the same man robbed a bank america on north washington street and one in alexandria. the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. we are falling more bad news from the nuclear power plant in japan. another setback as officials suspect a possible breach.
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therom bad to worse, nuclear experts say there has core ofage to the reactor 3. leakinglieved to be high levels of radiation. >> for the first time they are using that meaning uncontrolled radiation into the environment. >> workers trying to stabilize were rushed from afterl treatment suffering burns from water. some of them had to wear gear.tive in new leak will force the the evacuation zone plant.the is a fear if they have to the plant a full-scale will cause certain areas to be uninhabitable for generations. >> the government reaction is too late. >> in addition to concerns over radiation, there is a shortage
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of fuel. the rush to get it to those of thes in the wake earthquake two weeks ago. residents are chopping up the their homes to work off cold. >> they need warmth and warm clothing. it is snowing. >> the pentagon says u.s. troops efforts areaid anti radiation pills any missions to areas exposure ision likely. investigationan the fourth grader cocaine to a d.c. listedshould even be there. a customer lost her cool and of the counter at king swinging at employees. >> the mega millions jackpot is
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medical facilities across the country. there are 350 cases in l.a. alone. the germs have pneumonia like could lead to death those with weak immune systems. nursing homeshing have to bels watching for. >> the super bug first showed up city. york we have new video of the t behind from yesterday's storm in california. the bay area is dealing with mud and power outages. e backyard of one home dropped to about four peak. flooded roadways and fallen forced drivers to abandon cars.
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it is expected to continue through this weekend. >> you will see that at the tidal basin. it is almost cherry blossom time the district. getting readys for the national marathon this weekend and just-in-time force know? -- just-in-time for snow? >> this weekend will have r everyone, the marathon and cherry blossoms. e even some snow. >> [unintelligible] >> today we ran into folks of ages from as far as new york florida prime for a weekend in the capital. come out.un to >> it starts with a national marathon on saturday. east capitol street will close until 10:45 and metro will open at 6:00.
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this is leaving some scrambling other options. >> we are relying on shuttles to get us there. >> the festival will begin its with an opening ceremony. >> it just so happened it was as our familynd occasion. will circle kites kit festivale e hits the area. for washington's cherry trees gift from japan. this year festival organizers tsunami relief the country. >> we like to inform everyone. e is a history between the two nations. >> you can check on our web site those roadof closures. you may even get to play in the snow this weekend. we could get as much of an inch
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sunday morning. be sure to bring that winter coat. source.s get a second >> can i offer a second opinion? blossomly the cherry signifies spring for us. had years with wind and cold. think the cherry blossoms will around into next week. the snow will not be enough to damage the cherry blossoms. it maybe an inch but not at the tidal basin. this is how it looks. chill we have, it tends keep the blossoms around. 46 -- remember one week ago we were at 80 degrees? we have had some significance -- significant snows in washington. see those high clouds coming in.
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is snow-covered into new york city. at the temperatures. this elementary school at 45 degrees. look at how try the air is. dew point temperatures are teens.e some of that dry air will be holding off moisture to ourself. we have one shot of moisture coming through. that may give us a snow flurry two. ripple is causing some rainshowers down around tennessee. that will move to ourself. syracuse right now at 31. a little bit milder but still cool to our south. dry this area is. e go through the overnight hours we will see this dry air holding in.
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as we get into sunday, a lot of more to our south. there is that area of low pressure heading to our south. that keeps any significance no to the south. even in spots like richmond, 2-3 inches of snow. maybe some breaks in the clouds but it will be chilly for that run. morning will see that snow on us and may be dusting. give us a those are the areas that might couple of inches. be inatures tomorrow will so a nice day. of clouds to start out tomorrow. clouds break up a little bit get into tomorrow but tomorrow morning be downright chilly. e is that 70% chance of some
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light snow. light snow for us in washington. out of here probably by noontime on sunday. not enough to cause any the cherryth blossoms. much.nk you very michelle obama decided where she graduation speeches this year. she will speak at west point on may 20. she is also going to address graduates of quantico high- basemarine corps down the road. she will also speak at the of northern iowa and .pellman college >> coming up tonight, what would piece of a waiter drop and -- the floor >> i started to watch it. i did not watch the whole thing. >> here you go.
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>> didn't you just drop that? >> you will have to see what the customers are rude to the waiter. will people still speak up then? we had that 9:00 tonight. word addedp, the new to the oxford dictionary. >> we will have a list of those coming up. >> i just don't have the energy later. ever dream of quitting your job to start your own dream business? woman who did just that. >> talking about quitting your jobs. than 40 million -- 40 mega millionsin tonight.
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it is not just cherry that have people excited. it is also the growing mega jackpot. >> the estimated jackpot is $312 million. john gonzales as live in aspen hill. >> the excitement of knowing 1 could make you a millionaire is growing. here in aspen hill you can call the war room. people studying their numbers being aming of millionaire.
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some 11 $1 million in this store two months ago. >> sell my house and buy a bigger one. >> go on vacation because i am well overdue. >> the heinz of winning the the odds of- winning is almost unrealistic. you have to play to win. is the thought from optimistic buyers. >> take care of my grandchildren. gamblersreat hopeful message to use your to save for retirement. >> [unintelligible] but i have retirement, said that with just the icing on the cake. >> locals seem more interested using the cash for an exotic trip. getting out of debt.
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since 2000 to come bank mega than 21 has sold more tickets. mega millions than 21 billion tickets. >> you have this all planned out. think my day has to come. >> you have a better chance of being struck by lightning 5000 before winning this jackpot. the you think people care about that? not a chance. someone has to win. bushat was kind of a killed. -- that was kind of a buzz kill. rival gangs in the one community was struck. what happened in the last 20 years?
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>> the latest controversy the boy who brought cocaine to a public school. >> i am gail pennybacker in woodbridge. deepens around the woodbridge. deepens around the of a woman's body in a
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captioned by the national captioning institute police are searching for into the mystery of a body a dumpster.
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>> the fire was spotted wednesday morning. police had few details about a woman inside. gail pennybacker is live with latest for us. >> what is interesting is the what theyd all of don't have. the fire happened on wednesday in the morning during the middle highly populated area. police have been working trying identify the victim. don't know how she died or who she is. i just moved in. >> she is very upset over the body in aof a woman's burning dumpster. even more so because there is no who the victim is. >> i had a young son. >> this neighborhood is gripped fears someone dumped a here and set the
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dumpster on fire. prince william police say an provide answers to how the woman died. >> we don't know if she was was placed in the inside a dumpster. >> to compound the mystery, no missing persons therts that matched victim's description. five-foot to between 120 and 140 pounds with straight dark hair. far no one has called police about her. that is something that makes the neighbor broken hearted. hope somebody cares about her. are no flowers placed here. >> i just feel sad. >> prince william detectives say because they have not heard anything, not one phone call about the identity of this
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victim in all of northern virginia, they are going to cast wider up and down the to see ific states identify the victim. reporting live in woodbridge, gail pennybacker. >> a father is facing kidnapping abducted his he children. investigators issued an amber night for robert anderson.nd tiara hours later the police found the with their father. he has been charged with kidnapping and felony threats. on thet week we reported grade student who brought an elementary school. it was a result of our report that the school system launched an investigation. the question they want answered not the boy should been in a d.c. school in
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the first place. >> after the boy was caught he sister were removed from family and placed in foster care. their parents demanded their children be returned, are you in the district did not have the take their children because they are maryland residents. attending a d.c. public school? why are demanding to know attending this d.c. school if the family lives in maryland. the boy and his parents live in this home in prince george's county. d.c. school officials are also investigating but this is not an incident. for years d.c. schools have had with out of students -- out of state students going to d.c. schools.
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we found lots of maryland residents picking up their kids this school today. >> they should be adhering to the requirements. >> according to a report, last year there were 1500 students whose residents he could not be verified. >> it is frustration as a parent few schoolse are so in d.c. >> d.c. spends $9,000 a year per student but the biggest cost is for special education students private schools that text. spence. 166 students whose presidency could not be verified. the total cost to taxpayers is $2.7 million. a spokesperson for d.c. public says they rely on the parents whof children.heir
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they investigate cases but there only one inspector. he has inspected 99 cases so far. 40 of those tend -- turned out to be non-residence. to news fromng region.he will deliver the response to president obama's weekly radio address. he addresses the internet every saturday. expected tol is attack the health care reform signed into law one year ago. the university of maryland o'malley says he supports merging the college park and university of maryland baltimore. he does not see the benefit of two separate campuses. college park is the flagship thantution with more
5:36 pm
37,000 students. more than two dozen demanded to meet with gray.t they represent several social groups. concerned their funding will be cut. they want the mayor to raise income taxes for the wealthier residents of this city. vincent gray is scheduled to his budget on april 1. >> time for a check on the traffic. what we can expect this friday. >> we can expect some heavy backups on the beltway. here we are at the american legion bridge. the inner loop is solid. the outer loop of the beltway is heavy between 270 and the dulles toll road. at the springfield camera. slow on 395. that is backed up. southbound 95 is very heavy to quantico.
5:37 pm
a new accident shutting down the right lane. 270 dealing with some delays right now at montgomery village avenue. back to you. >> coming up, she took a risk salary toeft her pursue her dream business. meet this week's working woman a sweet life. >> it is the first time it has the 1950's.ce african-americans are no longer the majority in d.c. >> a warning for women looking for love. with men posing as soldiers to steal their money. we make the time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries,
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but what we should also be celebrating are the moments.
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danielle's desserts. this is the owner and her blueberry buckle. was made fresh right here. >> we tried to create this to feel they are back home sitting at mom's kitchen table. >> best sellers include the and bread pudding. she uses all fresh ingredients her own recipes. >> a lot of butter. a lot of butter. cream.g >> the report for her is the reaction over the top from her customers. is nothing i love more than to see people take a bite say this is just like what my grandmother used to make. we had even had a couple people tears.nto last year she left her six- to follow her dream
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opening a bake shop. she now hopes to leave this as a for her daughter and grandson. she has had one day off since last april. she is in her mid 50's and knew undertaking had n now or never. >> the economy was not in the but i thought i have to try this. open onepes to one day in maryland and virginia. she says she never misses her job. she sometimes misses having weekends off. >> heard desserts look delicious. up next, there is some words added to english dictionary. >> caught on camera, a woman in bikini not happy with a fast
5:43 pm
food service storms the counter. >> a gain neighborhood is back its old ways. what changed?
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gangs inmbers of rival e in court today. >> charges range from conspiracy to first-degree murder. thatresumed old feuds older brothersd resolved. >> in the late 1990, as they annual celebrations between gangs after d.c. housing jobs andyoung people were volunteer counselors. they come bank families at the court -- 13 young were accused of warfare,g urban two murders. >> we are crying out for help in community. >> critics say d.c. housing
5:47 pm
were actively involved the late 1990's 4 finding things were young people to do not anymore. >> we are complicity in the s of these two people. we failed to respond to these kids when they were asking for help. >> neighborhood advocate as -- says there are no jobs or a center introduced us to former gang became volunteer football coaches. >> you would think a city of gration brigitte city would embrace them. -- this city would embrace them. [unintelligible] >> they are not accused of but the d.c.ldren authority wants to take no chances. >> that is just wrong. the housing authorities
5:48 pm
-- similarto them tensions have not gone away. >> these men showed us photos of they had with young men recently. not have the resources help them. >> they have been asking us when will the program come back we have to do something. ,> the investment is not made we ought to be prepared to lock up the next generation. these wars will continue. >> a bikini clad customer lost cool at a florida burger king. was caught on camera. video shows the woman who was bikini jumped the and started pulling in employees here. she then grabbed a charity: jar the womanasking --
5:49 pm from she told police the fight took too longe it to get her food. anyway, she said she should have gone to taco bell. >> fast-food just not fast enough. your favorite texting phrases found in the dictionary. are adding several new omg, lol, andlude fyi. they stand for laughing out loud and for your information. for the first time, a symbol is added. muffin top is another addiction another edition. >> here are a few stories we are on tonight at 6:00.
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the u.s. releases command over libya's no-fly zone. we will explore what lies ahead. now this region is becoming a for a new kind of energy efficient home. theet's get a look at forecast for this weekend. we saw beautiful temperatures and things will not work out the way we hoped. >> it was only a week ago. outside now this is whether that home in january or february. 46 in washington and barely made it to 40 degrees in hagerstown. overnight temperatures into the mid 30's. tomorrow morning getting out for the marathon, 29-32 degrees. out towards the shenandoah the midt will be in
5:51 pm
20's. will be low enough to daily -- it will to damage the cherry blossoms. as we get into saturday night it plunges again. saturday night will be the t we will get a little bit of snow. the run tomorrow, bundle up. only in the low 30's. it will be a cold night tonight. only in the mid 40's tomorrow. there is the 70% chance of light snow in washington. spots like richmond macy 3 snow but it does not like for a big event for us in washington. back to you. the big east. >> there is heating up. there is some much basketball. upsets in the men's tournament but for the ending,
5:52 pm
is a bige big east contender. no team may be harder or more determined than georgetown. the lady who is boarded the bus for philadelphia. boarded thehoyas philadelphia. they lost both times in double but georgetown is proving wrong.tics mr. obama picked georgetown to lose in the first round. now they are ready to prove more wrong. you are giving them to the opponents on the floor. we believe in ourselves. we work hard. >> a confident team. the bus is on its way to temple university where the action will down sunday. for anyone who says you can't take a look at the blue devils.
5:53 pm
yukon cannot lose, at duke.ok class -- wildcats played good ball. there is no stopping him for that jam. arizona trailed earlier on. in the second, in arizona goes up 10. was the dump. arizona defeats the defending champions. >> the tournament is cruel. for everyonept end when you don't win. last year it was not an abrupt us.for you have to look at the full body of work. been an honor for me. body of work. been an honor for me. what do we have here? oh, it's scotts naturescapes advanced mulch. advanced huh? ehh...mulch is mulch. oh, not so, pops. ordinary mulch can fade after a few months. that's mulch!
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the face of washington is changing. >> drastic changes in the
5:57 pm
district's population. jennifer donelan has the details. there comes a change in title. about the 2010 u.s. census. african-americans by 11%.ped take a stroll through the watchct no matter neighborhood. faces are changing. the city's population changed dramatically in the last decade. will be good for some and good for others. >> the number of black residents by 49,000. counting the black population at 50%. they are nomography majority. in the man has lived district his entire life.
5:58 pm
>> you are always going to see new people coming into this city. you hate to see old citizens they forced out because no longer live here. >> 15th street is pretty much all white. >> the white population grew by almost 30% since 2000. definitelyy is attractive. >> the census shows the hispanic w by 10, >> what are they calling the names then? >> the vanilla swirl. >> i did not make up that title. about the population overall. there was a backward slide of population for 60 years. that has changed. the city added 20,000 new residents.
5:59 pm
do it for abc 7 news at 5:00. the scene around the tidal basin that may be covered in snow. we are on storm watch tonight. zone.s. with the no-fly what is ahead? the army investigating a people posing as soldiers to trick women out of money. captioned by the national captioning institute we begin our storm watch tonight. winter may not be over. >> we are bracing for a temperature plunged. we get right over to bob ryan in the weather center. >> because we are officially spring snow is illegal. i think we will be seeing a

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